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Welcome to Rock Club World

Workshops for children who wish to discover the enchanting world of crystals and the magic of Mother Nature!


Do you have a little crystal-loving fairy or wizard?

Here at Rock Club World, we offer workshops showing kids how they can use crystals in a myriad of ways to enhance their daily lives.

Children will learn how to choose, cleanse, charge and care for their crystal buddies.

They will also learn how to sense and direct energy, how to balance their energy using crystals, how their words, thoughts and emotions affect themselves and all living beings, and much, much more.

Combining earth wisdom, crystal energy healing, consciousness and nature intelligence, children will learn fascinating facts about themselves and the universe in which they live.

These workshops help children increase their confidence, their awareness, their like-minded friends circle, and their understanding of how they can effect change in the world.

Workshops are suitable for children aged 6 and upwards and are held at various locations.

And some are open to grown-up children too!

All crystals and materials are provided, and at the end of every workshop all children will take home crystals to add to their own collection.


Check out our Rock Clubs page for details of workshops in your area.



Why not join our growing global community and start your own Rock Club?

Have you always dreamed of creating your own heart-centered business working with children?

At Rock Club World we offer teacher training, enabling you to start your own Rock Club.

All of our teachers receive full training, workshop plans, and everything they need to get up and running fast.

So, if you love crystals, then why not consider joining the growing Rock Club community?




We are committed to empowering children by teaching them how they can use the incredible power of crystals to amplify their own unique healing abilities. We combine this with showing children how their words, thoughts, and emotions create their experience of the world by directly affecting themselves and others. Through this, it is our strong conviction that our children will make the future a better place in which to live.



If you’d like to learn more about our workshops, events and courses, or discuss any particular requirements then please send us a message here and we’ll arrange a convenient time to chat.